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Danang Coffee Guide: 15 Instagrammable Cafes in Da Nang, Vietnam

Vietnam’s coffee game is strong. It’s the second largest producer of coffee in the world, behind only Brazil. From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll find cute coffee shops serving good Vietnamese coffee in every city and Da Nang (or Danang) is certainly no exception.

I’ve been to Vietnam many times and it never fails to amaze me how many coffee shops there are in this country. Clearly, Vietnamese people love coffee. Take a stroll through downtown Danang and you’ll find a coffee shop (or two) on nearly every block.

With so many coffee shops in this city – ranging from the sleek and ultra-modern to the quirky and traditional – it feels almost silly to write a Da Nang coffee guide.

But I’m a travel food blogger, and this is what I do, so here we go.

If you’d like to learn more about the different types of coffee in Vietnam, then you may want to read our Hanoi coffee guide first before continuing with this article.


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Coffee in Danang, Vietnam


1. Cà Phê Muối Huế

Vietnamese coffee is strong, sometimes too strong which is why I think it’s best when mixed into other coffee drinks. Egg coffee and coconut coffee are two of the most well-known but my personal favorite is ca phe muoi or salt coffee.

Originally from Hue, ca phe muoi refers to an interesting coffee drink made by whipping salt with fermented milk and cocoa powder. This salty, frothy component is then mixed with Vietnamese drip coffee before being served cold with ice cubes. Coffee with salt sounds odd at first but it’s delicious and something we had everyday, sometimes twice a day, in central Vietnam.

Pictured below are glasses of ca phe muoi and ca cao muoi (salt cocoa). We enjoyed these so much that we got cups of matcha muoi (salt matcha) to go. Salt matcha isn’t too common so it’s something you may want to try as well. We had it at a cafe in Hoi An but this is the only place we’ve seen that serves it in Danang.

It’s interesting to note that before this trip in 2023, my last visit to central Vietnam was in 2019. Back then, salt coffee wasn’t really a thing yet. Available only at a few select coffee shops in Hue, it was nowhere to be found in Hoi An or Danang. Today, virtually every cafe serves it.

Salt coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Salt coffee was invented by the Ca Phe Muoi coffee shop in Hue. We thought that this may be a branch of that original cafe but it doesn’t appear to be. This cafe is more modern with a wider menu of coffee drinks. You can refer to the location map at the bottom of this post for its exact location.

Ca Phe Muoi Hue cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam

Ca Phe Muoi Hue

Address: 254 Đ. Trần Phú, Phước Ninh, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 6:30AM-10PM, daily

2. Nam House

This was probably my favorite coffee shop in Danang. I’m partial to vintage coffee shops and you’ll find plenty of them in Vietnam. I like the nostalgic vibes of these vintage cafes and they usually have lots of antiques and curiosities for you to look at.

Nam House serves a full menu of Vietnamese coffee creations but of course, I needed to have my ca phe muoi. This glass of salt coffee was delicious and one of my favorites in Danang.

Salt coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Nam House feels like a time capsule. Not only do they serve great coffee at reasonable prices, but I loved the atmosphere of the place too. What an awesome cafe.

Nam House cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam

Here’s a look at Nam House’s interior. The second floor is even more interesting and makes for a worthy backdrop for your Instagram feed.

Nam House cafe interior

Nam House

Address: Khoảng 30 m, 15/1, số 15 Lê Hồng Phong, vô hẻm, Hải Châu, 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 6AM-11PM, daily

3. Nối Café

Noi Cafe is easily one of the most popular cafes in Da Nang. I went here twice and both times, it was packed with local customers. It seems to be a favorite among young Vietnamese people in Danang.

Like every cafe on this list, Noi Cafe makes good coffee brewed from local beans. Pictured below is my tasty glass of ca phe muoi. Were you honestly expecting anything else?

Salt coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Like Nam House, Noi Cafe is a vintage-themed coffee shop. The cafe consists of two parts – this small corner shop and a much larger space across the street.

Noi Cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam

Like I said, Noi Cafe is hugely popular with the young Vietnamese crowd. It’s a great place to enjoy good coffee while rubbing elbows with young Da Nang.

Noi Cafe courtyard

Noi Cafe

Address: 113/18 Nguyễn Chí Thanh, Hải Châu 1, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 6:30AM-10PM, daily

4. Trình Cà Phê

If you’re looking for a good cafe near Dragon Bridge, then head over to Trinh Ca Phe. It’s yet another popular vintage-themed cafe in Danang.

We couldn’t not order our favorite ca phe muoi but people looking for something a little different may want to try their avocado coffee. It’s the house special along with other avocado-based drinks like the avocado smoothie and avocado milo.

Salt coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Noi Cafe serves a few cakes and pastries as well. This red velvet cake was delicious.

Red velvet cake at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Trinh Ca Phe is located at the end of this small alley just a stone’s throw from Dragon Bridge. It’s a good cafe to visit after going to the Cham Sculpture Museum.

Trinh Cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam

Trinh Ca Phe

Address: 22 Đ. Lê Đình Dương, Phước Ninh, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 6:30AM-10:30PM, daily

5. Dreamer

Based on the venue alone, the Dreamer coffee house is one of my favorite cafes in Da Nang. Surrounded by plants and greenery, it’s basically a camper-like coffee stall that serves a good range of Vietnamese coffee, western-style coffee, tea, fruit cider, cakes, and pastries.

Sipping salt coffee at Dreamer made me feel like I was a guest at someone’s urban micro-farm. What a cool and pleasant space this was.

Salt coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Dreamer is located inside this lot that’s home to a couple of other open-air establishments.

Entrance to Dreamer cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam

Isn’t Dreamer’s outdoor seating area cute? It definitely makes for a worthy backdrop for your Instagram feed.

If we ever opened our own cafe, I’d want it to be something like this. It felt so good to sit and drink coffee here.

Dreamer cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam


Address: 230 Nguyễn Công Trứ, An Hải Bắc, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 7AM-10PM, daily

6. Cafeholic

Cafeholic doesn’t have as much character as Dreamer or Nam House but if you like Starbucks-type establishments, then you’re going to enjoy this cafe. It’s a polished, multi-floor coffee shop that serves Vietnamese coffee, western-style coffee, tea, fresh juice, pastries, and cakes.

Unfortunately, Cafeholic was one of the few coffee shops I visited in Danang that doesn’t serve salt coffee yet – at least at the time of my visit – so I went with this coffee with condensed milk instead. It was good but I need my ca phe muoi! Ha!

Like Starbucks, Cafeholic looks like a great place to get some work done if you’re a digital nomad. There’s plenty of space, good air-conditioning, and free wifi. The space gets lots of natural light too.

Milk coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Cafeholic has a few pastries and cakes to keep you well-fed and motivated if you need to get some serious work done. Pictured below was my tasty egg tart.

Pastry at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Cafeholic is located in the northern part of central Danang, on the western side of the Han River.

Cafeholic in Da Nang, Vietnam

As described, Cafeholic is a spacious and comfortable Starbucks-like coffee shop. I sat on the second floor but I believe the cafe has three or more floors.

Cafeholic interior


Address: 52 Lê Lợi, Thạch Thang, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 7AM-10:30PM, daily

7. Brewman Coffee Concept

Brewman Coffee Concept is another polished coffee shop in Danang. It’s a sleek and more modern-looking cafe with a good selection of Vietnamese, Italian, and pour-over style coffee drinks.

The Chemex looked tempting but as is often the case, we couldn’t say no to ca phe muoi. We’ve never met salt coffee we didn’t like but the version at Brewman was one of our favorites in Danang.

Salt coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Brewman Coffee Concept seems like another great place to get some work done in Danang. There’s plenty of table space, fast free wi fi, and good coffee to keep you motivated and happy.

Entrance to Brewman Coffee Concept in Da Nang, Vietnam

Just don’t fall into the koi pond on your way in and out of the coffee shop.

Brewman Coffee Concept in Da Nang, Vietnam

Brewman Coffee Concept

Address: K27a/21, Thái Phiên, Phước Ninh, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 7AM-7PM, daily

8. Cửa Ngõ Café

Cua Ngo Cafe is an interesting coffee shop that serves many delicious drinks, not just coffee. They offer a wide selection of Vietnamese coffee, tea, fresh fruit juice, and milk tea.

This frothy cup looks like salt coffee but it’s actually bubble milk tea with baked egg cream. A Cua Ngo specialty, it’s a thick, creamy, and eggy drink that’s sort of like an even richer version of ca phe trung, but without coffee. If I remember correctly, those crumbly bits on top are toasted pieces of coconut.

Egg coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Interestingly, cua ngo translates to something like “gateway” in English. Step inside the cafe and you’ll understand why.

Cua Ngo Cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam

Walk into Cua Ngo Cafe and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to hill tribe country in Vietnam. It looks like a cafe you’d find in a village in Sa Pa. Very cool!

Cua Ngo interior

Cua Ngo Cafe

Address: 102 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Thạch Thang, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 6AM-10PM, daily

9. Wonderlust Bakery and Coffee (The Best Coconut Coffee!)

Wonderlust Bakery and Coffee has to be one of the most impressive cafes in Da Nang, not just for its excellent coffee and dessert selection but for the space itself. This coffee shop is amazing and one of the best places for digital nomads to get work done in Da Nang.

Before I show you the venue, have a look at my tasty coconut latte. A Wonderlust special, you can get it hot, cold, or blended with ice. Aside from coconut coffee, Wonderlust offers other coconut-based drinks as well like coconut milkshakes and coconut mango smoothies. You can also get drip coffee, cold brew coffee, coffee mocktails, tea, cakes, ice cream, and light snacks.

Coconut coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

From the outside, you can already tell that Wonderlust Bakery and Coffee is no ordinary cafe.

Wonderlust cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam

Wonderlust is a sleek but inviting cafe with three floors of seating. Can you see the “WORKHARD” sign hanging from the second-floor ceiling? That area is perfect for digital nomads who need to get work done on their laptops.

Wonderlust cafe interior

Here’s the view from the third-floor balcony. An automatic mister goes off throughout the day to keep the plants hydrated and happy.

Wonderlust cafe interior

All along the second- and third-floor balconies are tables for two. With fast wifi and lots of natural light streaming in through those floor-to-ceiling windows, this is a great space to get some serious work done in Da Nang.

Wonderlust cafe interior

This dedicated co-working space was closed when I was there so I don’t know if it’s free to use. Perhaps larger groups can rent out the entire room?

Wonderlust cafe co-working space

If the coffee and venue weren’t cool enough, there’s also a small shop with artisanal products for sale on the first floor. You’ll find designer knick-knacks, stationery, shirts, and bags made from recycled materials. This place is awesome!

Wonderlust cafe shop

Wonderlust Bakery and Coffee

Address: 96 Đ. Trần Phú, Hải Châu 1, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 840236, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 7:30AM-11PM, daily

10. House Coffee

Wonderlust screams awesomeness in central Da Nang, but if you want to get work done in a cafe that’s less conspicuous, then House Coffee is a great place to go. Hidden in a more residential part of Da Nang, on the eastern side of the Han River, they offer a good selection of Vietnamese coffee, yogurt, tea, ice blended drinks, soda, and juice.

Pictured below is a tall glass of salt coffee. Just kidding, it’s Saigon-style iced black coffee.

Iced black coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

House Coffee is located at the end of this residential street, in a quiet and leafy part of Son Tra Peninsula. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, then you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s right next to a lovely little restaurant called Bodhicitta. Check out our Da Nang restaurant guide for more information.

House Coffee in Da Nang, Vietnam

This is what the cafe’s interior looks like. Spacious, quiet, and uneventful, it’s a great place to camp out behind your laptop in Da Nang.

House Coffee interior

Don’t you just love how outdoor seats at coffee shops in Vietnam are always facing the street? Not only do Vietnamese people love coffee, but they seem to enjoy people-watching as well! Gotta love the coffee culture in Vietnam.

House Coffee outdoor seating

House Coffee

Address: 101 Đ. Ung Văn Khiêm, Bắc Mỹ Phú, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 6AM-10PM, daily

11. 43 Factory (The Best Coffee Shop in Da Nang!)

Serious coffee lovers need to visit this place. 43 Factory is the only cafe on this list that doesn’t make coffee with local beans. Instead, they brew their coffee from roasted coffee beans imported from the top coffee-producing countries in the world like Ethiopia, Colombia, Panama, and Peru.

Because they brew their coffee with premium beans, 43 Factory is a much pricier establishment than any of the other coffee shops on this list. A cup of Vietnamese black coffee, for example, costs around VND 25,000 in February 2023 at an average cafe in Da Nang. Depending on where the beans are sourced, a serving of coffee at 43 Factory will set you back between VND 250,000-500,000. That’s quite a jump!

Some people may find the coffee at 43 Factory to be a bit too expensive but you do get what you pay for. I’m not a coffee connoisseur by any stretch but I do enjoy a good cup of coffee. While strong, I find that Vietnamese coffee lacks the balance and acidity of more premium beans like Colombian coffee.

43 Factory serves their coffee in these glass beakers. We tried Finca el Lechero coffee from Peru. As far as pure coffee goes, these were easily the best cups of coffee we’ve had anywhere in Vietnam.

South American coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Aside from its premium coffee, 43 Factory offers a small food menu of pastries, desserts, panini sandwiches, salads, and home-baked bread. This scrambled eggs and salmon toast was delicious.

Salmon dish at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

This tasty grilled chicken panini was served on homemade sourdough.

Sandwich at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

A good cup of coffee is even more enjoyable with dessert. We tried 43 Factory’s canele and tiramisu topped with Arabica coffee. They make other pastries as well like croissants, brownies, biscuits, and cinnamon rolls.

Dessert at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

43 Factory is a large cafe that really does resemble a factory. It’s located in the southern part of Son Tra Peninsula, just a few blocks from My Khe Beach.

43 Factory cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam

People who prefer modern cafes will love the contemporary design of 43 Factory.

43 Factory interior

If you’d prefer to sit outdoors, then 43 Factory has these recessed seating areas surrounded by water. It’s a cool place to sit – just don’t make the mistake of falling into the drink. I almost did.

43 Factory outdoor seating

43 Factory

Address: Lot 422, Đ. Ng. Thì Sĩ, Đà Nẵng, 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 6:30AM-10:30PM, daily

12. Puna Coffee and Cake

While I do enjoy Vietnamese egg coffee, central Vietnam is salt coffee country so I typically leave ca phe trung for Hanoi. But how can you resist egg coffee served in these mini egg cups? Aren’t they adorable?

Ca phe trung at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Puna Coffee and Cake serves their ca phe trung with a little biscuit that you can dip into your egg coffee. Aside from pastries and cakes, they offer a good range of breakfast dishes as well.

Ca phe trung at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Puna Coffee and Cake is located in a quieter part of Son Tra Peninsula, not too far from Dragon Bridge.

Puna Coffee and Cake in Da Nang, Vietnam

Puna Coffee and Cake

Address: K25/19 Ngũ Hành Sơn, Bắc Mỹ Phú, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 7AM-5PM, Wed-Mon / 7AM-2PM, Tue

13. Gardenia Coffee and Bakery

Gardenia Coffee and Bakery is another Starbucks-type establishment that offers digital nomads a comfortable space to work. I spent an entire afternoon with my laptop here and the cafe was full of locals, mostly students, doing the same.

To keep myself well-fed and focused, I paired my cup of Vietnamese black drip coffee with a salted egg croissant.

Drip coffee and a pastry at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Gardenia offers many different types of Vietnamese coffee, fruit tea, smoothies, milk tea, and fruit juice on their menu. Their specials are avocado coffee and this tasty concoction they like to call cloud coffee. It’s made with espresso, almond milk, and cream cheese.

Cloud coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Gardenia Coffee and Bakery is located in its own building in central Da Nang so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Gardenia Coffee and Bakery in Da Nang, Vietnam

This is what the cafe’s interior looks like. The space has plenty of tables, sockets for your laptop and other devices, good air-conditioning, fast wifi, and lots of natural light.

Gardenia Coffee and Bakery interior

Gardenia Coffee and Bakery

Address: 45 Đường Lê Hồng Phong, Phước Ninh, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 6:30AM-10:30PM, daily

14. Gé Cafe

Ge Cafe was one of the last coffee shops we visited in Da Nang and it turned out to be one of our favorites. Aside from serving good salt coffee, we enjoyed the cafe for its cozy interior courtyard space. I was so comfortable here that I almost fell asleep.

Salt coffee at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

Ge Cafe is located just a stone’s throw from Hu Tieu Muc, one of our favorite restaurants in Da Nang. I suggest having a delicious hu tieu lunch at Muc before getting salt coffee at Ge Cafe.

Ge Cafe signage

This is what the cafe’s interior looks like. Beyond that hole in the wall is the inner courtyard seating area.

Ge Cafe interior

Here’s my better half deliberating on whether she should get the salt coffee or the salt coffee. She went with the salt coffee.

Ge Cafe courtyard seating

Ge Cafe

Address: 24 Lê Hồng Phong, Phước Ninh, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: Open 24 hrs

15. Ikigai Garden Cafe

Last but certainly not least in this Da Nang coffee guide is Ikigai, a Japanese-inspired garden cafe with a few outlets in the city. True to its name, this lovely cafe has a Zen-like feel that invites you to sit and while away the time while doing little more than drinking good cups of coffee. The term ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates to something like “reason for being”.

Ikigai Garden Cafe offers the standard menu of coffee drinks but they do label two as must-tries – salt coffee and cheese coffee. I went with the cheese coffee and paired it with this delicious pastel de nata, one of my favorite Portuguese desserts. Cheese coffee is actually quite similar to salt coffee, but with a noticeably cheesier component.

Salt coffee and a pastry at a cafe in Danang, Vietnam

I went to the outlet along Nguyen Chi Thanh Street but Ikigai has several branches in Da Nang. I walked by a couple of branches that were even prettier than this one.

Entrance to Ikigai Garden Cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam

I loved Ikigai’s spacious and green outdoor seating area. Like all things Japanese, it was simple and understated but beautiful.

Ikigai Garden Cafe courtyard

Ikigai Garden Cafe

Address: 60 Nguyễn Chí Thanh, Hải Châu 1, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 55000, Vietnam
Operating Hours: 7:30AM-10:30PM, daily


To help you find these Da Nang cafes, I’ve pinned them all on this map. Click on the link for a live version of the map.

Da Nang map with pins


As described at the top of this article, Instagrammable cafes are a dime a dozen in Vietnam so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding good coffee shops in Da Nang. Considering you’re in central Vietnam, I do recommend trying ca phe muoi. This Hue specialty is oddly delicious – like a salted caramel coffee drink – and available everywhere now in Da Nang.

We actually went to nearly thirty coffee shops in Da Nang but I wanted to keep this list nice and concise so I’ve limited it to fifteen. If you’ve been to Da Nang and have any interesting cafes you’d like to suggest, then please do let us know in the comment section below.

Anyway, thanks for reading and have an amazing time drinking salt coffee in Da Nang!


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Wednesday 27th of March 2024

We checked out Brewman’s and tried salt coffee for the first time because of your post and so glad we did!!! Wish we had more time to try the other spots on your list

JB & Renée

Thursday 11th of April 2024

Happy you enjoyed it KD! Salt coffee is eye-openingly good. Can't wait to have it again on our next trip back to Vietnam.


Monday 8th of May 2023

We have been advised not to have anything that has ice cubes in it when we are in Vietnam but all your drinks seem to have ice cubes - is it ok then?

JB & Renée

Sunday 21st of May 2023

Hi Eve, we've been to Vietnam many times but we've personally never had a problem with ice. If you have a sensitive stomach, then it's best to err on the side of caution.