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Kenneth Cobonpue Showroom, Cebu City

Ren and I have been wanting to come here for the longest time and thanks to Brooke who was awesome enough to arrange a private tour for us during our recent 3-day getaway to Cebu, we were able to visit Kenneth Cobonpue’s actual showroom here in Cebu City.

For those unfamiliar with Cobonpue’s work, he’s an industrial and furniture designer internationally renowned for his signature free-flowing designs using natural materials like rattan, buri, bamboo, and abaca. Known for drawing his inspiration from nature, to describe his work as organic is like calling Salvador Dali’s work surreal. He personifies the term.

100% pure genius, he is definitely someone for us Filipinos to admire and be proud of. You can find out more about him by visiting his website –
Kennth Cobonpue sign

Inside the Kennth Cobonpue showroom in Cebu

Dragnet lounge chairs and end table in red. Inspired by fisherman’s nets and created from fabric twisted and wrapped around a steel frame, the Dragnet lounge chair surrounds you like a cocoon.
Red Dragnet chairs

Chiquita stools in muted red, silver and black. Rigid-looking vertical sections of rattan poles unexpectedly recede into the seat for a pleasant and surprisingly comfortable sitting experience. Ingenious!
Chiquita stools

Ren striking a pose on the Gothic-inspired Hagia bed.
Ren lounging on the Hagia bed

Tilt chair. Handmade, each piece is individually cut, sanded and joined at different angles to create a work of art that pays homage to the centuries-old tradition of woodworking. According to our guide Paolo, this is the most difficult piece to construct as it requires absolute precision.

Pictured at the bottom is the Kabuki buffet cabinet in brown. It’s crafted entirely by hand using high-density fiberboard to resemble bamboo stalks.
Tilt chair and Kabuki cabinet

Harry rocking stool in moss green. It’s topped in microfiber strips stitched to interchangeable covers.
Harry rocking stool

Noodle armchairs in rose, bronze, yellow, lime green and aqua around a Freya round dining table. Inspired by Cobonpue’s random doodles, the Noodle armchairs are made with rattan vines in fluid, circuitous lines.
Noodle armchairs around a dining table

Yoda sofas, coffee tables and barstools. Rattan vines grow from the seat like tall grass in a field. Absolutely beautiful.
Yoda sofa set

A few random pieces, including a Yin & Yang dining table.
Yin and Yang dining table

Gorgeous lighting fixtures. The spiky durian-looking pieces are made with origami paper.
Organic lighting fixtures

Ima Bed in brown. Inspired by ancient Chinese temple architecture, it’s made from intricately woven abaca rope.
Ima bed

Bedroom set with Kabuki bed and night tables.
Kabuki bed

Croissant sofa and coffee table in brown. It’s made of abaca or buri tied over a hand-scuplted steel frame.
Croissant sofa and coffee table

Probably my single favorite Cobonpue piece – The Yoda easy chair in lime green.
Lime green Yoda chair

This was a bathroom faucet and sink. Lifting off that woven top reveals a glass bowl sink underneath.
Faucet and sink

Strikingly cool, doodle-like flower vases. Note how the circles at the bottom are of different shapes, sizes and orientation, giving it an even more organic feel. I wouldn’t be surprised if this too were inspired by another one of Cobonpue’s random doodles, since it appears to have been influenced by good line quality as well.
Metal flower vases

Lolah sofa, easy armchair, capsule and coffee table in brown and whitewash. Created using traditional boat-building techniques, they’re constructed of thin rattan strips cut with planar knives and fastened over a light rattan frame.

The Lolah was the recipient of the 2005 Design for Asia Award – Asia’s highest award for design.
Lolah living room set

Got Moses? Le Petit Voyage bed in brown. Inspired by papyrus and reed boats, it’s made of buri, abaca and steel or abaca, nylon twine and steel.
Le Petit Voyage baby bassinet

Funky little figures holding hands to form lamps, dividers and chandeliers. For the chandelier in silver below, they give you one piece in a different color of your choosing to situate wherever you want. Cute huh?
Human figures forming a chandelier

Human figures forming a divider

Decorative piece with yellow human figurines

Pigalle barstools in brown. Made from abaca and steel, these were inspired by the contours of a woman’s back. Sexy.
Pigalle barstools

Complimentray cappuccinos at the end of our tour. Sweetness.
Cappuccinos on a bar

Ren getting a breather after a highly entertaining and enjoyable tour. Love those bird’s nest lamps in the back.
Ren posing inside the Kenneth Cobonpue showroom in Cebu

I absolutely LOVED this experience.

It goes without saying that to own one of Kenneth Cobonpue’s captivating creations would be a joy and an honor. We’ll definitely invest in one soon as we have the resources to build our dream house in the country.

I think having just one in a striking color would make for a great focal point and converstaion piece, don’t you think?

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Wednesday 17th of February 2021

Wow, wonderful! Awesome!

JB & Renée

Thursday 18th of February 2021

Happy you thought so Jun!