Toei Kyoto Studio Park: Samurais, Ninjas, and One Spooky House of Horrors in Kyoto, Japan

Toei Kyoto Studio Park: Samurais, Ninjas, and One Spooky House of Horrors in Kyoto, Japan

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Samurais are cool. Ninjas are even cooler.

Like many boys, ninjas and samurais played a significant role in my childhood. Swordfights, ninja stars, all that “sneakiness”, what wasn’t to like? And that costume. Black and badass, that was just the coolest thing ever. I was into G.I. Joe back then and like most kids, Snake Eyes was by far my favorite character.

Before video games came along and zapped me of my imagination, I remember how I used to lay down on the floor, on my side, close to the wall with my hands and feet against the baseboard. Making as little noise as possible, I’d slide up and down our hallway pretending to be a ninja scaling some impenetrable fortress. Or was I Spider Man? Either way, I was pretty stealthy. 😎

Now forty years old, I may be a few decades removed from those stealthy floor buffing days, but today at Toei Kyoto Studio Park, I got to be a ninja all over again. 😎 😎

Toei Kyoto Theme Park and Film Set

It may look modern from the outside, but as soon as you pay the ¥2,200 entrance fee and walk through those front doors…
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

…you’re instantly transported back in time into Japan’s Edo period. Cool huh? An active movie and TV studio, over 200 jidaigeki films (period dramas) are reportedly shot here every year.
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Traditional machiya or wooden townhouse
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

My friend Tom challenging two samurais to a duel…or is he just asking them for directions? 😆
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Toei Kyoto Studio Park

If I’m not mistaken, that box is called a ryūdosui, which is a type of wooden pump used to put out fires.
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Toei Kyoto Studio Park

As mentioned up top, Toei is an active film studio and we were lucky enough to witness a program being shot there that day.
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

To Tom’s surprise, in the middle of that group was a very famous Japanese actor named Kōtarō Satomi. If I remember correctly, that’s him in the grey kimono.
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Ninja Mystery House

Entrance Fee: ¥500

This was fun and my favorite attraction at the park. For an additional ¥500, you can explore this house and learn about the stealthy ways of the ninja. An unguided walking tour that starts with a short briefing conducted by (you guess it) ninjas, you have to make your way through the house room by room by uncovering the secret passageways. Many of the passages are cleverly hidden with lots of decoys and traps to throw you off. Unfortunately, they don’t allow you to take any pictures inside. 🙁
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Ren learning the ways of the ninja whilst trying very hard to keep her balance and a straight face.
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Sneaky mechanical ninja going back and forth on those wires
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Optical Illusion Maze

Entrance Fee: ¥500

This was fun too. Like the ninja mystery house, you have to find your way through the house by going from room to room filled with these optical illusions. Here they allow you to take pictures.
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Like being on the set of Enter the Dragon
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Some of the rooms and passages here are dizzying!
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Haunted House

Entrance Fee: ¥500

After reading about this haunted house in a blog, this was one of the main reasons why I wanted to come to Toei Kyoto Studio Park. Like the ninja mystery house and optical illusion maze, this is an unguided walking tour where you have to make your way through the house one room at a time. I wasn’t too scared at first, but as soon as the lights went out and the door into the haunted house slid open, I was terrified.

I don’t want to give too much away, but if you’ve seen many Japanese horror films, then you know this is gonna be good. No pictures are allowed inside, and they expressly tell you NOT to punch nor kick any of the actors. 😆

*Tom told me that the sign above says “Scariest haunted house ever!” 😯
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Anime Museum

We didn’t have time to check it out but there’s an anime museum here as well featuring original pictures, animation cells, and life-sized statues from some of Toei’s classic productions like Hustle Punch, Dragon Ball, and Sailor Moon. Anime fans would have a ball here.
Toei Kyoto Studio Park

If you like samurais, ninjas, anime, or Japanese kitsch in general, then you’ll have fun at Toei Kyoto Studio Park. Be prepared to allocate at least a couple of hours here to give you enough time to go through the park’s attractions.

Though not pictured above, we went to a behind-the-scenes show as well that demonstrated the various tricks of the jidaigeki filmmaking trade. There’s also a theater with very popular live ninja shows. It’s entirely in Japanese, but you can kinda follow what’s going on. Emphasis on “kinda.” 😆

Toei Kyoto Studio Park

10 Higashi-Hachigaokacho, Uzumasa, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8586, Japan
Tel: +81 75-862-5003
Email: [email protected]
Regular Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM / Sat-Sun, 9AM-6PM
Suggested Length of Visit: 3-4 hours

¥2,200 for adults
¥1,300 for junior high/high school students
¥1,100 for children over 3 yrs old

Take bus number 75 from Kyoto Station to the Uzumasa Eigamura-michi bus stop. CLICK HERE for more information.

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There are 9 comments for this article
  1. JB Macatulad at 7:38 am

    Thanks Cicha! Yes, some of the attractions like the Haunted House and Ninja House have additional fees on top of the entrance fee to the park. Most of the park though you can explore at no extra cost. Have a great time! 🙂

  2. Kendrick at 8:22 pm

    Hi! Chanced upon your website while I was looking for Haunted House. Unfortunately, I was too chicken to enter that, and my sis doesn’t want to go in either.

    However, one exhibit we went to was the Kamen Rider, Super Sentai display. Featuring our (or at least my generation’s) heroes Bioman, Maskman, Shaider, Mask Rider Black.

    I think this was opened recently as it is not even in its website. One tip for your readers who are planning on going is to visit on a Sunday as they have a live action show of the Super Sentai.

    Great blog! Keep it up!

  3. Jeyhun Pashayev at 11:07 pm

    Very interesting photos.

    My request: May I have the original high-resolution file of the photo “Ninja on the roof with a sword” taken at Kyoto Ninja House?

    Thanks and regards,

  4. Intan at 12:31 am

    Hallo…. Thank you for the writting, next month I planned to go there …. & Do you know the price for make up & costume like geisha? I heard that Toei provided make up artist & kimono rent

  5. JB Macatulad at 6:57 am

    Hi Intan, I’m sorry but we didn’t do that so I don’t know the price. They do offer that though if I remember correctly.

  6. Stacy Ann at 10:49 am


    I hope you can still see this comment. We are planning to go here as a side trip on our last day before going to KIX airport for our flight back to manila. Any suggestions on where we can leave our luggages since we plan to check out first in our hotel then go here in the morning? Thank you!

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