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When you’ve explored a city’s top attractions, then it’s time to take a day trip. These articles offer suggestions on the best day trips you can make from different cities around the world.

Tokyo Day Trips: 12 Fun Places to Visit

I recently spent over a week in Tokyo, exploring the city and taking a few day trips to interesting areas outside of the metropolitan area. If you’re staying long enough in Tokyo and have already seen the city’s top attractions, then listed in this article are twelve of the best and most popular day trips you can take from Tokyo.

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The Day-Tripper’s Nara Travel Guide (2022)

Because it was Japan’s first permanent capital, Nara remains a culturally rich and historically significant city, second only to Kyoto in its wealth of traditional temples and shrines. There you’ll find eight historical attractions that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara.

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