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Kayangan Lake, Coron, Palawan

This was easily my favorite site during our recent trip to Coron, Palawan. A mysterious, secretive lake hidden amidst a crown of towering limestone cliffs, Kayangan Lake is a stunningly beautiful body of water unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

With crystal clear turquoise waters and an almost unearthly stillness, I felt as if I had just walked into one of the Earth’s genuinely holy places.

Approaching these misty, limestone cliffs, I’m reminded of the opening scene from Jurassic Park. I wonder what secrets are kept by these beautiful, ancient formations?
Kayangan Lake limestone cliffs

As we approach the island, the fog begins to lift.
Kayangan Island’s fog lifts

To reach Kayangan Lake, you have to do this 15-minute climb up the face of the mountain then walk down into the lake. Not too bad though the steps were uneven and a bit treacherous at parts.
Climbing the mountain to Kayangan Lake

A magnificent view from the summit.
Incredible summit views in Coron

Uh oh, more boats coming means more people so we better get moving…
Tourist boats in Kayangan Lake

A colorful cave along the way
Colorful cave on the way to Kayangan Lake

As if inviting you, the dense forest finally opens up, revealing this breathtaking, wondrous secret. Known also as the Blue Lagoon, Kayangan Lake is a sight to behold.
Majestic blue lagoon of Kayangan Lake

With brackish water (part salt/part fresh) that tasted mostly fresh, the water of Kayangan Lake is supposedly the cleanest and clearest in the Philippines. No arguments here.
Fresh Waters of Kayangan Lake

With nary a ripple in sight nor a sound in the air, places like this demand stillness. This is a sacred sight for the locals so please remember this when you visit.
Still waters of Kayangan Lake

Even these planks were beautiful.
Rustic planks along Kayangan Lake

Ren striking a pose before getting in the crystal clear, blue-green water.
Happy tourist posing at Kayangan Lake

Happy tourist swimming in Kayangan Lake

With mind-boggling stalagmites rising from the lake’s floor, only the surrounding limestone cliffs really know how this mysterious lake came to be.
Stalagmites of Kayangan Lake

Underwater stalagmites

Unique stalagmites formation of Kayangan Lake

I couldn’t really tell, but the lake must have been around 50-80 feet at its deepest parts. Even at those depths, I could still see the bottom, which is a testament to just how clean these waters were.
Deep blue waters of Kayangan Lake

Primordial soup or the last reminders of an ancient, forgotten civilization?
Underwater remnants of Kayangan Lake

Floating motionlessly in the middle of the lake, I imagine how I must have looked from up above, this small, wading speck of a human being enveloped by this immeasurable expanse of blue-green stillness. No matter what you’ve done in your life, no matter what you think you’ve accomplished, places like this remind you of your insignificance.

My arms tiring, I stare down into the abyss and think how this lake could at any time swallow me, soundlessly, without anyone noticing. Humbled by its quiet power, I swim back to the safety of the dock.

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