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LIVE Virtual Cooking Classes: Cook From Home Like a Chef

We love taking cooking classes when we travel. Ever since we took this fun cooking class at Thuan Tinh Island Cooking School in Hoi An, we try to take at least one on every trip.

I took an awesome tempura and udon cooking class in Tokyo earlier this year but little did I know it could be my last in a long time. Sadly, travel isn’t a possibility right now with the world sheltering in place and all of us doing our part to flatten the curve.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t take live cooking classes from the safety of our homes. Thanks to the internet and our friends at airKitchen and Cookly, we can.

If you’re looking to cook something new for yourself or your family, or you’re a couple interested in taking a fun cooking class together while you self-quarantine, then airKitchen LIVE and Cookly LIVE have something for you.

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Japanese home-cooked meal and woman making pasteis de nata


airKitchen and Cookly are cooking class booking platforms. They offer cooking classes in different cities around the world.

Because of the pandemic that’s closed borders and grounded travelers across the globe, they’ve launched airKitchen LIVE and Cookly LIVE – a new series of private online cooking classes hosted by cooks in different parts of the world.

Using applications like Zoom or Skype, guests can learn how to cook traditional dishes from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Unlike YouTube videos, airKitchen’s and Cookly’s classes are LIVE classes, hence the name airKitchen LIVE and Cookly LIVE. You can interact and ask your host questions. They can advise you on what local ingredients to use as substitutes in case certain ingredients aren’t available to you.

Because cooking classes are live and consist of small groups of students (sometimes even one on one), your host will be able to guide you step by step the way they normally would in an actual class environment.

At the time of launch, they have a combined 80+ virtual classes available hosted by cooks from Japan, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Peru, Mexico, and the United States.


Listed below are a few of the many interesting cooking classes you’ll find on airKitchen LIVE and Cookly LIVE. Follow the link for their complete list of online cooking classes (airKitchen LIVE | Cookly LIVE).

Japanese Cuisine

Learn how to make ramen noodles from scratch!
JPY 2,900 (about USD 27) / 3.5 hours / Maximum of 3 guests

In this class, you’ll learn how to make strawberry daifuku mochi, mochi ice cream, or three-colored dango which are skewered rice cake balls.
JPY 3,800 (about USD 36) / 1.5 hours / Maximum of 6 guests

Learn how to make crab and tuna inside-out sushi rolls as well as salmon mini sushi balls.
JPY 3,000 (about USD 28) / 1 hour / Maximum of 1 guest

Home-cooked Japanese meal

Photo by kazoka via Shutterstock

Thai Cuisine

This is a private one-on-one cooking class that teaches you how to make classic Thai dishes like tom yam goong, pad krapow gai, and tom kha gai. What dish you’ll make depends on which class day you book.
USD 68 / 1 hour / Maximum of 1 guest

On this private one-on-one cooking class, you’ll learn how to make massaman curry – a delicious curry dish which is a fusion of Thai- and Indian-style curries.
USD 49 / 1.5 hrs / Maximum of 1 guest

Learn how to make laab which is a classic from northeastern Thailand.
USD 55 / 2 hrs

Women pounding ingredients in mortar and pestle

Photo by shellygraphy via Shutterstock

Italian Cuisine

Learn how to make pasta with carbonara sauce as well as pasta with cacio e pepe sauce.
USD 45 / 1.5 hours / Maximum of 5 guests

Take this class and learn how to make tiramisu, one of the most beloved Italian desserts!
USD 19 / 1 hour / Maximum of 8 guests

Learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch along with meatballs, bolognese sauce, and risotto.
USD 35 / 2 hours / Maximum of 16 guests

Spanish Cuisine

Simple but so delicious. Learn how to make one of the classic dishes of Spanish cuisine – the potato omelette.
USD 15 / 1 hour / Maximum of 7 guests

Learn how to make gazpacho, one of the most celebrated dishes in Andalusian cuisine.
USD 30 / 1.5 hours / Maximum of 10 guests

Cooking paella

Photo by Jordi Prat Puig via Shutterstock

Portuguese Cuisine

Learn how to make one of Portugal’s most famous and beloved pastries – the Portuguese custard tart!
USD 40 / 2 hours / Maximum of 5 guests

The Travesseiro is the signature pastry of Sintra.
USD 40 / 2 hours / Maximum of 5 guests

The queijinho do ceu is a specialty of Evora. It’s a delicious dessert made with almond dough filled with egg cream.
USD 40 / 2 hours / Maximum of 5 guests

Woman making pasteis de nata

Photo by StrelnikAnd via Shutterstock

Mexican Cuisine

Learn how to make tortillas and salsa from scratch!
USD 45 / 1.5 hours / Maximum of 8 guests

Learn how to make ceviche from a professionally trained chef in Mexico City.
USD 45 / 1.5 hours / Maximum of 6 guests

On this private one-on-one coking class, you’ll Learn how to make alambre with cheese, guacamole, spicy red sauce, and hand-made flour or corn tortillas.
USD 59 / 1.5 hours / Maximum of 1 guest


The classes listed above are just a fraction of what you’ll find on airKitchen LIVE and Cookly LIVE. New classes are added regularly so be sure to click through to their website for the complete list.

If you enjoy taking cooking classes on trips, then you’ll have fun joining these virtual classes. I know nothing beats the real thing but this is the closest and best thing we have right now to actual cooking courses. At the very least, it allows us to learn something new from the comfort and safety of our home kitchens.

In any case, we hope you’re all staying safe and well-fed at home. We’re all struggling to stay positive and be productive during these uncertain times.

No one knows how long this pandemic will last but travel will be waiting for us when it’s over. Until then, be safe, stay curious, and keep being creative in the kitchen!


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