Sweet Home 10a Alabama:  Handmade Arts & Crafts Fair, 20-21 July 2013

Sweet Home 10a Alabama: Handmade Arts & Crafts Fair, 20-21 July 2013

Yes, apparently it’s true. I do live under a rock.

Despite living just ten minutes away from this place (five on a Sunday), we had never heard of 10a Alabama until recently. An old house converted into a permanent art and furniture gallery, it’s home to an amazing arts and crafts fair that happens every three months or so. Here you’ll find a treasure trove of unique, handcrafted items and art pieces that you won’t find in any mall.

I went yesterday, on the fair’s first day, and was happy to find many vendors offering items repurposed from found objects and upcycled materials, like belt buckles made from discarded Lego pieces, bookends and clocks fashioned out of bent vinyl records, even old bottle caps converted into colorful, collectible pins. There were silkscreen prints, hand-stitched leather bags, and these gorgeous handmade journals, some as small as one inch and worn as pendants dangling from necklaces. I ordered a few of those for Ren, so she can wear my wedding vows around her neck. (awwwwww…. :lol:)

If you’re on the hunt for something unique, either for yourself or for someone else, then chances are you’ll find it here. Many of the wares for sale are in essence functional art pieces. Non-mass-produced, they’re meticulously crafted by hand and made with pride.

I could go on and on about this fair, but I’ll stop here for two reasons: A) you’ve probably already heard about this event, and B) if you haven’t, then you still have a chance to go before the next one. The last day is today, Sunday, from noon until 7 PM, so if you don’t have anything to do, then I suggest you stop reading my crap, crawl out of your rock like I did, and go. Now. 😀

Driving directions can be found at the bottom of this post.

When there isn’t a fair going on, 10a Alabama looks to be the permanent home of Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery.
10a Alabama

Red Horse chandelier. Found objects gallery indeed.
10a Alabama

10a Alabama

Hanabishi chic
10a Alabama

Resurrection Furniture

10a Alabama Street, New Manila, Quezon City
Mobile: 0918-924-0580 / 0908-862-9300 / 0917-535-4028
Facebook: resurrection.furniture
Email: resurrectiongallery@gmail.com

A few of their one-of-a-kind pieces for sale
10a Alabama

10a Alabama

Funky, distressed drawers
10a Alabama

Entryway to the fair
10a Alabama

Indoor space with more vendors
10a Alabama

Kitchen serving homemade dishes like burgers, gyros, tacos, and spaghetti
10a Alabama


Here are a few vendors whose wares caught my eye.

Kish Javier

Mobile: 0917-810-7318 / 0923-609-3077
Email: kartwheelcreations@yahoo.com

Whimsical, figurative wire sculptures
10a Alabama

10a Alabama

10a Alabama

Bags by Rubber Tree

Website: bagsbyrubbertree.com
Email: rubbertreedesigns@gmail.com

Beautiful handmade, hand-stitched leather bags. Among other things, they also make wallets and purses.
10a Alabama

If I remember correctly, they called these nifty little things “Mushroom Ties” (or something like that). They’re used to hold together cables, cords, etc., keeping them neat and organized. Pretty fashionable eh?
10a Alabama

Similar to the Mushroom Ties above, these “sticks” have a sturdy, bendable wire running through them which you can use to fasten things together, like hanging bags from closet rods.
10a Alabama

Junkshop Abubot

Mobile: 0929-294-8407 / 0906-395-3061
Facebook: Junkshop-Abubot
Twitter: JunkshopAbubot
Email: myra.oliveros@gmail.com

Unique accessories made from recycled junk
10a Alabama

10a Alabama


Mobile: 0915-662-5743 / 0933-102-8909
Facebook: OrigKamiHandmadeNovelties
Email: betsybygolly@gmail.com

Cute origami mobile. They also make origami earrings, resin-mounted origami pendants, rings, broaches, etc.
10a Alabama


Facebook: Pop.pinsPH
Twitter: Pop_PinsPH
Instagram: POP_PINSPH
Email: popmonsterpins@gmail.com

Funky collectible pins made from old bottle caps
10a Alabama

Alunsina Handbound Books

Tel: 990-7347
Mobile: 0939-870-0071
Website: alunsinahandboundbooks.tumblr.com
Facebook: Alunsina.Handbound.Books
Email: alunsinahandboundbooks@yahoo.com

The reason why I was here today. If it weren’t for Alunsina Handbound Books, then I probably would never have known about this fair. Alunsina is known for their gorgeous handmade journals, including these cute, miniature journal pendants that you wear around your neck. As described up top, I ordered a few of these necklaces and a couple of their journals. I’ll write a dedicated post about them soon as they arrive. 🙂
10a Alabama

They make these awesome, decorative miniature suitcases as well.
10a Alabama

Aromateria Scents & Sensibilities

Website: aromateria.net
Facebook: aromateriaph
Twitter: aromateriaph
Email: hello@aromateria.net

Handmade artisan fragrances
10a Alabama

Hocus Bicycles and Screen Printing

The Collective, 7274 Malugay St. (near corner of Mayapis St.), Brgy. San Antonio, Makati
Tel: 399-7274
Mobile: 0917-403-1589 / 0916-515-0738
Website: hocusmanila.com
Email: workshop@hocusmanila.com

Wicked hand-pulled screen prints. I wanted to take screen printing classes in art school, but I just couldn’t find the time for it. Ren’s been wanting to print patterns on fabric as well, so we may take a few lessons with these guys in the not too distant future.
10a Alabama

Krafty Pirate

Mobile: 0916-676-4827
Facebook: Krafty-Pirate

Cute Dr. Seuss and Archie wallets
10a Alabama


Facebook: Artefact-Handmade
Email: artefact06@gmail.com

Funky, graphic clothespins
10a Alabama

Jamie Bauza Illustration & Design

Mobile: 0917-860-6809
Email: hello@jamiebauza.com

Beautiful handpainted cards
10a Alabama


Website: spellbound.ph
Facebook: spellboundph
Twitter: spellboundph
Tumblr: spellboundph.tumblr.com
Instagram: spellboundph
Email: spellboundph@gmail.com

Simple but graphically stunning notebooks
10a Alabama

A few other random products that caught my eye. Here are those colorful Lego belt buckles I mentioned up top.
10a Alabama

Word bubble pins. Ngek!
10a Alabama

Cute artist doodle pins
10a Alabama

There were several items that I wanted to buy yesterday but I was in full blogger mode, completely focused on just taking pictures and collecting vendor business cards for this post. I even circled the venue a full three times, snapping away each time with a different lens attached to my camera. Some of the people must have thought: WTF is up with this dude? Taking all our business cards and buying nothing. 😆

They will be holding another fair or two though before the holidays, so you can be guaranteed that I’ll be here again, with Ren, money in hand, and no DSLR in sight. 😉

How to Get There

  1. Driving along E Rodriguez Sr Ave from Cubao towards Manila, you’ll pass Tomas Morato Avenue on your right.
  2. Take the first right immediately after passing Tomas Morato. This is Alabama Street.
  3. 10a will be several houses down on the right side. Just look for the white gate with the funky 10a Alabama illustration pictured at the top of this post.

10a Alabama

10a Alabama Street, New Manila, Quezon City
Mobile: 0908-862-9300
Facebook: 10aAlabama
Email: alabama10a@gmail.com

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