Beef Burger:  Charlie’s Grind & Grill’s San Miguel Beer BLACK ANGUS Cheeseburger

Beef Burger: Charlie’s Grind & Grill’s San Miguel Beer BLACK ANGUS Cheeseburger

Charlie’s Grind & Grill’s San Miguel Beer BLACK ANGUS Cheeseburger

PHP 320 – With griddled mushrooms, bacon, baked onions, cheddar cheese, mayo, and SMB BBQ sauce on a toasted beer bun.


In the wake of that life-changing San Miguel Beer wagyu cheeseburger that Ren surprised me with almost three weeks ago, we decided to try this black angus version tonight, just to compare. Everything else was the same, all the toppings, even the bread, with the only difference being the type of beef used for the patty.

Like the wagyu, this black angus was amazingly delicious, though perhaps just a notch below. I can’t recall for certain, because they were spaced around two weeks apart, but I do remember being wowed by the initial bite from the wagyu more so than this one. The meat just seemed tastier and juicier. Not that this black angus was a slouch. Far from it, because this will absolutely demolish most other Manila burgers out there. It’s just that the wagyu was that much better, even though the one I had was a soggier takeout version, and not fresh of the grill like this one. Considering just how good this one tasted, that’s saying quite a lot.

Despite the drop-off however, this black angus SMB burger was still top-of-the-food-chain delicious, and one that I would happily obliterate any day of the week. Just not on Wagyuday. 🙂

Since both renditions are pretty much identical save for the patty, you can read my post on the wagyu version for a more detailed description of this mind-blowing, epiphany-inducing, San Miguel Beer burger. We. Are. Not. Worthy.

Verdict: 4.25 / 5


Charlie’s Grind & Grill is located at Ronac Bldg., Madison St, Greenhills, San Juan. Tel: 477-5021. They also have a branch at 16 East Kapitolyo Drive, Pasig. Tel: 501-0137.

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