Beef Burger:  Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa’s Sheridan Burger

Beef Burger: Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa’s Sheridan Burger

Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa’s Sheridan Burger

PHP 258 – Beef burger with lettuce, cucumbers and cheese, and a side of freshly cut french fries and coleslaw.


At first, it seemed odd to blog about this burger since you can only get it at a resort all the way in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, but seeing as how this post would fall under my personal search for the best beef burger, I decided to add it in the end.

I actually had this burger twice during our recent trip to Palawan – the first when we just arrived and the second right before we left. If I were to rate this burger based on that first experience alone, I would give it high marks. After eating it a second time however, I realized that my first impression may have just been driven by an intense hunger brought about by a lengthy journey. 😆

Flavor-wise, the burger wasn’t bad. It wasn’t overly seasoned, which I prefer, but the patty itself was a little dry, probably from excessive handling. The small but thick patty was sandwiched at the center of a regular-sized bun, so you wound up getting mouthfuls of just bread while taking bites around the burger’s perimeter. The bread to burger ratio was hardly ideal.

On top of that, the side of fries were awful, probably the worst I’ve ever had. They were hard, like sticks, so it felt like you were taking bites out of twigs masquerading as potatoes on your plate.

Considering that The Sheridan is a 5-star resort, the hefty PHP 258 menu price for this burger comes as no surprise. By those same standards however, since The Sheridan IS a 5-star resort, it’s only natural for you to expect their food, and this burger, to be a little better.

Verdict: 1.75 / 5


Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa is located along Sabang Beach, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. Tel: (048) 434-1449.

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